Studio Associato Scaravaggi – Architettura e Urbanistica is a consolidated reality started in 1961, which deals with design at different scales, combining experience, culture and innovation in a strict and appropriate approach.

The design solutions are outlined thanks to the relationship between the professionists, alert to changes and careful about knowledge of innovative and alternative technologies; the design process becomes a moment of shared experiences, synthesis of the creativity of each member and collective cooperation for the success of the project.

The company activity mainly deals with the field of public and private architectural and urban design, believing in the detail and the decor at different scales as the natural improvement of each individual project.
Special attention is paid to energy and environmental issues, with research and design of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, the use of renewable energy and the application of new technologies to enable effective reduction of energy consumption.

The relation between architecture and landscape must create smart urban models, in order to provide social and cultural compliance of the places, human rights, traditions and quality of inhabitants’ life in the city.