Studio Associato Scaravaggi, Arch. Carola Gentilini e Prof. Arch. Pier Federico Caliari, in qualità di Consulente per l’Allestimento e gli aspetti Museografici

Ideas contest

Architectural redevelopment project and re-formalization of the former stable spaces inside the complex of Palazzo Visconti

III place



The context in which they are embodied are the former stables of Palazzo Visconti of Brignano Gera d’Adda, a place of particular historical importance, which leaves no indifference.

The design proposal aims at enhancing the historical-artistic and architectural aspect in order to give them the same importance as the space currently used is used as a storage room for municipal equipment. Externally, the proposal aims to improve the accessibility and visibility of the site and to outline the new entry into the former stables. Once the “body of the building” has been restored with conservative restoration and restoration, it is necessary to reconsider the “spirit” of the place, make the space available again and put it in a position to meet the needs of contemporary life.

From these premise develops the planning process: actualizing the interior space by weighing it in line with modern needs, such as multifunctional space, ready to accommodate different scenarios (meeting venues, event spaces, exhibitions, socialization), all by means of an outfitting system Flexible, which is discreetly placed inside it.

Valorizing and updating are the guiding principles of the design idea that we will describe in subsequent chapters.