Recovery plan for the urban – architectural upgrading in the old town


2016 – in progress

The project consists in the urban and architectural redevelopment of 1.900 square meters area, placed in the old town and currently occupied by an oil mill decommissioned.

The recovery, architectural, static and energy plan involves the construction of 50 housing units with 5 shops on the ground floor and 45 apartments on the first, second and third floors, served by garages, cellars and ancillary rooms located in the two underground levels.

The built system is maintained on the original place. The water wheel is recovered as identifying symbol of the old mill and with the objective of producing renewable energy, with low environmental impact, in order to serve the building complex. During the project design with B.I.M. methodology, the Studio chose to maintain the typical classic style of the old town, with the use of high quality materials. It is planned to install latest generation equipment, with the achievement of low energy buildings.

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