Restoration and rehabilitation of the Parish Church of Vidalengo




Vidalengo (BG)

The project of conservative restoration of the Parish Church of San Giovanni a Porta Latina in Vidalengo – Caravaggio was characterized by the complete removal of masonry and wood structures of the attic, in order to eliminate unnecessary overweights that burdened the vaults and the underlying arches of the aisles.

The project involved the extension of the underlying columns in support of the new wooden frame adequately designed for sections and center distances, keeping the existing features. The new roof covering was performed with the ventilated type with underlying onduline sheets in order to counter radically any water dripping. After the intervention, the Studio proceeded with the restoration of the vaults inside the church; the visible cracks, caused by pre-existing overweights, were eliminated. In the end, the whole interior of the church was repainted and decorated in compliance with the lombard church tradition.