New Residential Building

The project concerns the construction of 8 apartments insidea a new residential building, located on an area of 1380 square meters. There is also a basement for cellars and garages.

New residential buildings in Treviglio

The planned area of 2.800 square meters, near the old town, is currently occupied by disused craft buildings. It is subject of volumetric recovery and the project includes the construction of two residential buildings with 14 different types of apartments each one.

Restoration and rehabilitation of the Parish Church of Vidalengo

The project of conservative restoration of the Parish Church of San Giovanni a Porta Latina in Vidalengo – Caravaggio was characterized by the complete removal of masonry and wood structures of the attic, in order to eliminate unnecessary overweights that burdened the vaults and the underlying arches of the aisles.